The science is new but clear: you have to exercise regularly to fight cancer

We’re Everyday Irish people. We’re Champions League on the box kinda people. We’re pizza on a weekend kinda people. We’re ironing in front of Desperate Housewives kinda people. We’re running around with kids, dropping them to hurling/rugby/dance kinda people. We want to raise awareness about the new research on METs and regular exercise, and how important it is to avoid and fight breast cancer*. No lectures, but no excuses either.

To give Everyday people like us a goal and to keep us motivated to exercise regularly we partner with exiting sporting events throughout the country and work with them to design a ChooseToTri event on the day that will suit Everyday people. Our aim is for Fun with benefits. We are about raising awareness, we’re not about fundraising – other people do that very well already.

You have a choice, you can ChooseToTri. ChooseToWalk, Cycle, Swim, Garden, Bog Snorkel…


It’s the rate at which our bodies use oxygen (metabolic equivalents). If you walk 2 miles in an hour, that will be worth 2 METs for that hour. But if you can get up to walking 4 miles in an hour, that is worth 4.6 METs. So you can see, everyone can reach the weekly target of 20 METs per week and it will take less time to reach 20 METs per week as you get fitter. It’s very simple to work out – see our online MET table, or click here to learn more about METs.


“Probably the most common question I get asked by women who have completed treatment for breast cancer is “Now what can I do to reduce my risk of my cancer returning?”. The answer from all the literature is consistent; exercise and maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI).”

Dr Janice Walshe, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Medical Oncology Unit, St Vincents University Hospital and Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Dublin

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