What is a MET?

We all breathe oxygen. Even if we do nothing, we need oxygen to keep our heart, brain and other vital organs working. If we move, then we use more oxygen because the muscles and other parts will want some oxygen too. The faster we move the more oxygen we tend to use. The rate at which we use oxygen is measured in METs, metabolic equivalents.

If you use 20 METs every week, then you get significant benefits in terms of fighting cancer.

How do I work out my METs?

It’s very simple. Click here to see our online METs table. This will help you work out what you need to do to use 20 METs a week. It will be useful to you as a guide to start you going, and to keep you focussed.

If you or someone you know, has had a diagnosis, then you might like to know that the Irish Cancer Society has developed a calculator and an App which they are testing at present. They plan to roll-out in the Autumn 2012. We will provide links to their site and contact details so you can really drill down into it if you like. Marie Murphy who is the exercise consultant to the Irish Cancer Society has a website with detailed tables, you can find them here www.mbsfitness.ie

Some Interesting Studies

Health, eating, activity and life style study (PDF)
Physical Activity and Risk of Recurrence and Mortality in Breast Cancer Survivors (PDF)
Physical Activity and Survival after Breast Cancer Diagnosis (PDF)
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