The Team

Some of us have a personal cancer story, and all of us know someone close who has had that story as well. So, we want to share the news about the research and make it as easy as possible to get moving more often. No lectures, but no excuses either – the stakes are just too high.

Who are we? Click here to read about The Team.

What Motivates Us To Do This?

We want to give Ourselves (including You) an attainable goal to keep us all focussed on getting regular exercise. Gees, it’s hard sometimes to get out the door but if you have a goal and are part of a team, and you’ve told 10 people you’re doing this – it’s a lot easier to get moving. We have gathered a great team together and we will help you to make regular exercise a part of your life, like eating well and like sleeping.

We’re not about fundraising, we want to raise awareness.

How did all this Start?

On a Saturday last September in Croke Park, I was at a conference hosted by the Irish Cancer Society on the latest research on Breast Cancer, it was my first conference. It was another one of the many “what the blazes am I doing here?” moments that I had during my year of chemo, surgeries and radiotherapy. You have a lot of those moments when you are diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks after your 40th birthday. The youngest of our 4 children was 2 and half, the eldest was 7.

Marie Murphy, exercise specialist and consultant to the Irish Cancer Society had just presented results of a programme she ran with the ICS on the role of cardio and resistance training with a group of breast cancer survivors. Marie talk about the international research that showed that regular exercise reduces the risk of a breast cancer diagnosis and reduces the risk of reoccurrence.
My ears pricked. My prognosis is excellent and I’m so lucky, and I am now in the business of stacking the odds in my favour.

Two things came into my head straight away, and they aren’t direct quotes but you get the drift.

1. “What the ****? How did I not know this? Am I the only person who has never heard this before?”
2. “Gees, I need to tell my mother, my sisters, all the Mammies at school, my friends, my neighbours. What about my daughter?”

So we know now as a matter of medical fact that regular exercise reduces your risk of a breast cancer diagnosis and its reoccurrence. But how the blazes do I get myself to actually do it? You’d think that the fear of the cancer coming back would be enough, but there were other fears as well like “I’ll look a proper eejit in a lyrca”. Daft? I know, but there it is. I think I’m from the Bridget Jones School of Exercise.

I thought to myself that if I signed up for something I’d be “scared” enough to exercise regularly the way the lady from the Irish Cancer Society described but I couldn’t find an event for Everyday people.

So, after speaking to a few people, and being so energised by their enthusiasm and generosity of their time and expertise ChooseToTri was born. Our Goal is to raise awareness about the link between lack of regular exercise and cancer and to help people to get moving but giving them special ChooseToTri Events for Everyday people.

We are Irish people like you going about our lives just like you.
We’re Champions League on the box kinda people.
We’re pizza on a weekend kinda people.
We’re tied to work kinda people.
We’re running around with kids dropping them to hurling/rugby/chess kinda people;
We’re ironing in front of the Desperate Housewives kinda people.
We’re Everyday people trying to change what we do Every Day.

Hey, I’ll still go to the conferences and I may eventually hear the medical advice I am hanging out for which is “drink lots of red wine and watch boxsets of MadMen” but I don’t see that coming anytime soon so we may as well get on with it. So every day, we Choose To Try, because really, there is no choice.