Why you should ChooseToTri: The Benefits Bit

Because you now have the information and because Cancer is just so common now in Ireland. If you haven’t been touched directly by cancer, everyone knows somebody in their circle who has had a diagnosis.

If you have had a diagnosis, the more METs you use, the better chance you have of  fighting it and that includes your time in treatment.

ChooseToTri for the chats with your friends; for the chance to empty your head and stop the “To- Do” list for a while; to get outside for a time on your own; to finally learn how to swim properly.

The other benefits include:

  • tailored events to give you a kick-start and a realistic goal
  • participating in big events, but at your own level
  • giving you tips from fitness experts
  • explaining the jargon
  • keeping you focussed
  • motivating you
  • it’s a bit of craic!
  • meet like-minded people focused on comPLETing not competing
  • it’s a powerful example to your family and friends

Some Interesting Studies

Health, eating, activity and life style study (PDF)
Physical Activity and Risk of Recurrence and Mortality in Breast Cancer Survivors (PDF)
Physical Activity and Survival after Breast Cancer Diagnosis (PDF)
Physical Activity and Survival after Diagnosis of Invasive Breast Cancer (PDF)